In the first of a series of short blogs - read how Bulldog Gear Athlete Joanne Caulton is preparing for the CrossFit Games Meridian regional in Copenhagen on the 29th May.

When you receive your confirmation email and realise you have 7 weeks training, it sounds like a lifetime, you tell yourself you can pb all lifts, knock minutes off your Fran time and get the gymnastic skills down to the T... In reality? Its been a roller coaster of "if's" and "maybe's" , playing the guessing game of what might come up has been a tough mind game to control..

But once the workouts were released Monday, I've realised what I've actually achieved in the last month... Those early morning extra sessions have paid off. I have been working closely with my lifting coaches to sharpen the technique, mainly on my snatch. I've been introduced to working more from the hang and off the blocks, learning how to generate power from that position.

Taking myself to the dark place at least once a week by repeating past regionals wods has given my body a good shock as to what is about to come in Copenhagen. I'm lucky to have a tough training partner and supportive guys at the box, who have all helped me to be ready for the heavy, hard, energy testing workouts. As standard, I've been throwing in a few weekly runs, a comfort zone for me but mostly to keep the engine going and keep the mind focused.

3 weeks to go and I've never felt better! With the support of Bulldog I'm confident going to Denmark and giving my all to the workouts!