It has been a busy summer for Bulldog Gear. We’ve been hard at work bringing new products to our HQ, while making some improvements to existing favourites.

Since there is so much going on, we put together a list of the changes and new products that are now available to buy or pre-order.

Strongman Sandbag 2.0

The Strongman Sandbag is one of the most key products in functional fitness. The shape, material and varying weight means that picking it up can be taxing on all forms of strength and grip.

We’ve taken our original design and improved it. With more durability, a different look and a colour coded system - the Bulldog Gear Strongman Sandbag 2.0 is the perfect addition to every home, gym or suitcase. 

Weight Vest - New Colour

Another customer favourite is the Weight Vest. It is the easiest way to increase the intensity of any workout, and with a snug fit and clean aesthetic, it looks good too.

The team at Bulldog Gear have decided to give the popular vest a new look. Removing the grey from the panel, the vest now matches our rigs, racks and strength equipment with an all-black panel.

Still offering the same quality product, the new colour gives it a little edge.

Mammoth Lite Perseverance Rig

Since our Home Gym Series, we have been dealing with a lot more request for a custom Perseverance Rig - as it’s the perfect solution to training in your garden or outdoors.

So, we have created the Mammoth Lite Perseverance Rig - it’s no longer a custom job.

The box section is 80mm x 80mm, with a height of 2.85m on one side, 4.5m on the others. Additionally, the Mammoth lite version of this rig is still compatible with Bulldog Gear accessories - making it as modular as ever.

Junior Medicine Ball

Fitness is for everyone. No matter age, size or ability - which is what the Junior Medicine Ball is designed for.

Don’t be fooled by the name, while the smaller size is ideal for the budding, pint-sized athletes, these smaller can be used in improving techniques, correcting squat depth - for anyone, at any age.

The Junior Medicine Ball mimics our current line, with a neat colour coding making it easy to distinguish in any gym.

Kinesiology Tape

The benefits of Kinesiology Tape are vast. The tape is designed to improve movement and reduce recovery time.

We believe the tape is essential for mobility and recovery, which is why we took it upon ourselves to design our own.

Take to the gym floor or use at home while stretching - it’s a versatile and durable piece of kit that will fit perfectly in your gym bag.

September 11, 2018 by Bold Apps

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