Bulldog Gear - Box Medicine Ball 2.0

£70.00 GBP


What can I use my medicine ball for?

The Bulldog Gear - Box Medicine Ball 2.0 is the perfect tool for high intensity functional training and great for use as a wall ball. 

14 inches in diameter, the ball can be used for a variety of movements in developing core strength or improving endurance and explosive power. They are also a great way to aid people in squatting to depth correctly.

Bulldog benefits

Our Medicine Balls are made from an anti-bacterial outer vinyl casing that is moisture and scuff resistant. 

Each ball has been manufactured with a compartmentalised inner core. This maintains the shape of the ball as well as keeping the weight centralised and balanced.

The Box Medicine Ball comes with a 2 year warranty.

Warranty is void if product is abused by repeated impact on a rough, aggregate surface or slamming the product on the ground from overhead.