Bulldog Gear - Hybrid Bumper Plates 1.0 - End Of Line

£50.00 GBP £100.00 GBP

Why Hybrid Bumper Plates?

The Bulldog Gear Hybrid Bumper Plates are the perfect solution for those looking for a high-quality plate on a budget.

Each plate is 450mm in diameter, meeting the IWF standard. Each weight plate utilises a stainless-steel insert, unique to our hybrid bumpers, and fit standard 50mm diameter bar sleeves.

Why does Bumper Plate material matter?

The hybrid plates are made from a dense virgin rubber, which reduces the thickness of the bumper plate. This means that more weight can be loaded onto a bar – useful for squats and deadlifts which generally take you to the bottom of the plate stack...

Markings on the plates include both LB and KG, with the plates ranging from 5kg to 25kg.

Durable with a superb dead bounce, the Bulldog Gear Hybrid Plates are top value for your box, gym, home or garden.

Plate Thicknesses:

5kg - 27mm

10kg - 46mm

15kg - 60mm

20kg - 71mm

25kg - 80mm

Choosing the right Bumper Plates for your training needs:

 Looking to kit out your gym but not sure which weight plates are right for your gym space and training needs? We hope this short product insight video will help make your buying decision a bit easier.

Bumper Plate Warranty:

We offer a 1 year Warranty on our Hybrid Bumper Plates. This excludes the 5kg plates which have a 90-day warranty. We strongly advise that you use a minimum of 18mm matting to protect your bumper plates from damage from unsuitable flooring. Failure to use adequate matting will void your warranty.