Bulldog Gear - Garage Gym Interval Timer

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A timer designed with home gyms in mind.

The Bulldog Gear Garage Gym Interval-Timer is perfect for home gym users and PT Studios. It works just like the timers you see in larger gym outfits - just on a smaller scale.

With its dual colour display and large, bright digital screen - it can be seen from the furthest corner of the gym. 

The timer has pre-set Intervals, Tabata, and Fight Gone Bad modes, as well as the option to create custom time periods that can be saved as individual workouts, changing the number of rounds and work/rest periods to suit your needs.

The LED clock display shows both rounds and time, rounds are displayed with prominent blue numbers and the time in an equally vibrant red. In Standby mode, the timer displays a 24-hour clock as well as a count down and count up option.

Remote control for convenient pausing and re-programming.

Product Specifications:

  • In-depth programming instruction provided
  • Comes with UK power adaptor & Controller
  • 1 Year Warranty (controller 30 day warranty)
  • 21.5cm length x 5.5cm high x 2cm depth