BSY2 Bulldog Series Yoke

£635.00 GBP

The Bulldog Gear BSY2 Yoke is a durable and cost effective training solution designed to enable versatility in any strength & conditioning programme.

Rigid and robust, the BSY2 Yoke is suitable for squatting, pressing and benching, dragging, pushing and yoke carries.

Made from 75mm x 50mm box section and manufactured in the UK, the Bulldog Series Yoke brings together the best of British engineering to deliver the a fully modular and adaptable yoke.

An all rounder in our product range, this yoke is suitable for both commercial usage and domestic - home & garage set ups alike.

  • Yoke is 2.25 Metres high including base
  • Rack Floor Print is 1.2 metres x 1.2 metres
  • 3mm thick Steel Uprights with 50mm hole spacings allowing for quick, easy and accurate placement of J Pegs
  • 76.1mm Diameter Tube for the Yoke Crossmember
  • 6mm thick sled plates with bumper plate storage
  • Yoke weighs 65KG
  • 340KG Weight Capacity

Optional Accessories include:

  • J Pegs - UHMW Plastic Lined outside for optimal bar positioning and protection
  • Spotter Arms for added safety when squatting or benching
  • Anchor Plates
  • Dip Attachment

Looking for some Yoke training inspiration?

In the words of Andrew Tracey the strongman yoke ‘the Swiss Army knife of fitness equipment’  it's a truely versatile piece of kit but it can be hard to know where to start, or perhaps how to keep things interesting! Take a look at our blog for some ways to utilise your yoke you might not have tried. 

Please Note:

All optional extras are sold separately.

Galvanised option has a 4-6 weeks manufacturing lead time.