Bulldog Gear - Bar Muscle Up Rig Bolt On

£60.00 GBP

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The Bulldog Gear Bar Muscle Up - Bolt On was developed with the help of UK Bar-Barians.

It can be used to perform bar muscle ups, pull ups, bar dips and host of other exercises. It can be angled up or down by 75mm - we recommend that you angle it up at 75mm for use with bar muscle ups.

The bar is finished in our custom sandpaper black powdercoat that provides a superior tacky grip. It is 123cm long and is designed for one athlete to use at a time.

We designed this attachment to meet the need for a more robust pull up bar for bar muscle ups. As the Bar Muscle-Up attachment bolts in to a Bulldog Series / Mammoth Lite Series Crossmember, your rig stability is not compromised.

Please Note: This Bolt-On is only compatible with Crossmembers for Bulldog Series or Mammoth Lite Rigs.