Bulldog Gear - Lat Pull Down/Low Row Machine 130kg Stack

£1,995.00 GBP

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A commercial Lat Pull-down and Low Row machine that packs a punch. 

Manufactured from 75 x 75 Box Section 3mm thick steel for a solid construction providing a functional, space saving and durable chassis for lat pull down and low row exercises. 

130kg weight stack with anodised pull-pin for quick and easy weight selection. The weight stack also features band pegs ignorer for you to add accommodating resistance if required. 

Features a dual connection point cable pulley system which ensures the weight ratio is consistent during use.

Urethane Roller pads for increased durability from wear and tear with an anodised aluminium pop-pin for quick leg roller height adjustments. 

Pulleys are manufactured from high grade UHMW Plastic  which provides a smooth movement during use and prevents the cable from slipping and being exposed to unnecessary wear and tear. 

Chequered footplate with quick and easy length adjustments using an aluminium pull-pin for the low-row. 

Stainless steel laser cut Bulldog Gear logo & Bulldog Sandpaper Matte Black Powdercoat finish. 

Chrome plated Lat Pulldown and Low Row attachments included. 

1.42m x 1.02m x 2.4m L x W x H