Bulldog Gear - Strongman Yoke Conversion Kit - Squat Rack to Yoke

£160.00 GBP

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We're always looking to add versatility and modularity to our products... introducing the Squat Rack to Strongman Yoke Conversion Kit.

Allowing you to switch up the training even further, select one of the 3 options from the drop down menu:

Option 1:

1 x Yoke Cross-Member

Option 2:

1 x Yoke Cross-Member, 4 x Yoke Feet, 1 x Fixing Set

Option 3:

1 x Yoke Cross-Member, 2 x Side Storage, 4 x Yoke Feet,1 x Fixing Set

 Please Note:

***Only Compatible With Bulldog Series Squat Rack Range***

Looking for some Yoke training inspiration?

In the words of Andrew Tracey the strongman yoke ‘the Swiss Army knife of fitness equipment’  it's a truely versatile piece of kit but it can be hard to know where to start, or perhaps how to keep things interesting! Take a look at our blog for some ways to utilise your new yoke you might not have tried.