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Loadable Dumbbell - Cosmetic 2nd

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This is a Grade 1 - Cosmetic Seconds Dumbbell.  The product will have been produced alongside our standard barbell production, but has not passed our quality control checks. The product may have aesthetic imperfections or discolouring caused during the manufacturing process, however, the barbell is in full working order mechanically.

Please Note: All Cosmetic Second sales are final - No returns, refunds or warranty.

We've added versatility to our Dumbbell range with our British made Loadable Dumbbell.

Using the same high level engineering from our barbells, the Loadable Dumbbell allows you to perform all standard Dumbbell movements without the need for a full range of weight increment dumbbells.  Also making it easy to store in your home or gym.

Total weight is 6.5kg and has a loadable length of 170mm per side (Excluding collar).

Weight Capacity

Bulldog Gear - Dog Collar 2.0"+ Cast Iron Fractional Plates:

  • 40kg (20kg per side) + 6.5kg Dumbbell = 46.5kg

Bulldog Gear - Spring Collar + Cast Iron Fractional Plates:

  • 50kg (25kg per side) + 6.5kg Dumbbell = 56.5kg

Bulldog Gear - Dog Collar 2.0"+ Standard Fractional Plates:

  • 30kg (15kg per side) + 6.5kg Dumbbell = 36.5kg

Bulldog Gear - Spring Collar + Standard Fractional Plates:

  • 35kg (17.5kg per side) + 6.5kg Dumbbell = 41.5kg

Bulldog Gear - Dog Collar 2.0"+ Competition Fractional Plates:

  • 48kg (24kg per side) + 6.5kg Dumbbell = 54.5kg

Bulldog Gear - Spring Collar + Competition Fractional Plates:

  • 60kg (30kg per side) + 6.5kg Dumbbell = 66.5kg

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