Bulldog Gear - Atlas Balls

£90.00 GBP

Bulldog Gear Atlas Balls are a robust slam ball come atlas stone.

With weights ranging from 35 - 75kg at 5kg increments and an approximate diameter of 38cm, these balls are a great tool for strongman specific workouts.

Traditionally, Atlas Balls have been made from concrete, so when dropped they can damage your floor or your feet. Our soft Atlas Balls are kinder on the floor and have a dead-bounce, so they won't roll away when the ball is dropped or put it down. 

Atlas ball and stone training is becoming increasingly popular. It's very simple and provides a great back to basics, caveman workout. 

You can use our Atlas Balls to conduct a multitude of lifts including cleans, shoulder presses, thrusters, shouldering, deadlifts, and front squats to name a few. Simply lifting an Atlas Stone over your head requires a large amount of pure power and strength.

Each ball has a textured surface to aid grip when sweaty and handling the ball. 

Suitable for both home and commercial gym use.


Looking for an Atlas Ball programme?

Check out Atlas by Paul Warrior - A 6-week progressive program (or 30 stand-alone workouts) to show you what is achievable with a single implement used with tenacity and purpose.


Please Note: 6 Month Warranty. If your Atlas Ball fails within that time span, you can send us its shell and we'll send you a new ball.

Warranty against failure does not cover any ball which has been damaged due to negligent or faulty use, or alteration by the user. International customers will be responsible for replacement shipping.