Bulldog Gear - BSHR2 2.2m Half Rack With Pull Up Bar

£694.95 GBP

The Bulldog Gear BSHR2 Half Rack is a durable and cost-effective training solution designed to enable versatility in any strength and conditioning programme.

Designed, engineered and manufactured from 75mm x 50mm box section 3mm thick. The BSHR2 is a robust half rack suitable for squatting, pressing and benching. 

The rack includes a single pull-up bar for pull-ups, bar dips and bar muscle-ups with the option of attaching gymnastic rings for ring dips and press ups.

Bringing together the best of British design to deliver the most modular and adaptable half rack available.

Featuring laser cut numbers 1-5 for easy barbell placement 

The all-rounder of our product range, this half rack is suitable for both commercial use and domestic - home/garage setups alike.

    • Each upright is 2.2 Metres High (Including the base)
    • Rack floor print is 1.2 Metres x 1.2 Metres
    • 3mm thick steel uprights with 50mm hole spacings allowing for quick, easy and accurate placement of J Pegs
    • J-Pegs UHMW plastic lined outside for optimal bar positioning and protection
    • Pull-Up Bar 33.7 mm in diameter 
    • Pull Up Bar Height is 2.1m
    • Max Load on the rack is 450kg
    • Max Load on the Pull up bar is 300kg
    • J-Pegs UHMW plastic lined outside for optimal bar positioning and protection
    • 6mm thick Triangle Plates and 6mm Cross Member Plates
    • 8mm thick patented J-Pegs 
    • optional anchor sets included so additional stability if kipping or performing levers
    • 8 x Rear bumper plate storage included
    • M16 Bolts and Fasteners

Please Note:

All optional extras are sold separately.

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