Bulldog Gear - Hex Bar

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The Bulldog Gear Hex Bar is for all abilities, strengths and ages. Inspired by Al Gerrard’s ‘Trap Bar’, which was originally developed in the Powerlifter’s quest to find a training method while suffering from a lower back injury, this piece of equipment allows you to move with reduced pressure on the spine. 

Most commonly used for deadlifts, the positioning is inside the bar rather than behind it which requires less mobility, flexibility and range of motion – ultimately helping an athlete or client train technique first, and then unlock more power.

Our Hex Bar can also be used for shoulder shrugs, farmer’s walk, jumping and banded deadlifts - keeping your training regime rounded.

 The Bulldog Gear Olympic Hex / Trap Bar weighs 28.5KG with a maximum load of 450KG.

It is 7ft: 2.01metres long in total with a loadable sleeve length of 350mm each end.