Bulldog gear - Multi-Grip Cambered Bar

£170.00 GBP

Our Multi-Grip Cambered Bench/Row Bar is a great way to add extra range of movement to bench press and rowing movements, compared to a straight bar which is limited as soon as it reaches your chest.

This bar features variable width 32mm diameter knurled neutral grips at 60 and 76cm spacings.

This reduces the amount of pressure on the shoulder joint during pressing movements. making it an ideal tool for rehab work when strengthening and mobilizing injured shoulders.

Furthermore; It´s also a great way to add variety to your upper body workouts and prevent plateauing.  

Sleeves have a loading capacity of 32cm and are 50mm in diameter. Chromed for increased abrasion resistance when loading and unloading the bar.  

Compatible with our spring collars or Dog Collar 2.0's 

Length 201cm

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