Bulldog Gear Olympic WL - 20KG Bearing Barbell - Cosmetic 2nd - G1

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This is a Grade 1 - Cosmetic Seconds Barbell. The product will have been produced alongside our standard barbell production, but has not passed our quality control checks. The product may have aesthetic imperfections or discolouring caused during the manufacturing process, however, the barbell is in full working order mechanically.

Please Note: All Cosmetic Second sales are final - No returns, refunds or warranty.

The first British made Bearing Barbell.

Designed, engineered and manufactured from Northern European steel at the Bulldog Gear factory, in the United Kingdom.

The defining feature is the 10 precision needle roller bearings that provide the optimum spin - perfect for Olympic Lifting.

We know the importance of the whip and knurl, therefore the shaft on this barbell has the signature Bulldog Gear grip. The perfect blend of passive-aggressive knurl meaning that grip will not be sacrificed nor will the hands tear from repetitive lifting.

The Bulldog Gear Bearing Bar weighs 20kg and is 28mm in diameter. Each bar is bright zinc plated giving a bright, silver finish.

They are thermal heat treated to produce a tensile strength of 200,000 PSI. This prevents the bar from bending when lifting heavier weights and increases durability over time.

The bearings have been precision straightened within 0.1mm, end to end, to create a smooth rotation of every bearing. Each sleeve and collar has been friction welded to guarantee the maximum strength possible.

To ensure our high manufacturing standards, we implement strict parameters that utilise micro-hardness tests and scans across all batches of barbells.

We recommend a 40mm platform for this barbell.

How its made: