Bulldog Gear Prone Row Bench

£900.00 GBP

 Are you utilising prone rows?

Unlike other rowing movements, the prone row (bench) eliminates any excessive momentum from the rest of your body, allowing you to focus solely on targeting the muscles of your mid and upper back. Laying prone with the bench supporting your upper body also takes away the need to assume a 'hinged' position, alleviating pressure on your lower back, perfect for prehab, rehab and managing injury. 

Designed and manufactured in the UK

The Bulldog Gear Prone Row bench includes top-quality UK-made upholstery and high density foam cushioning, allowing you to train in style and comfort, whilst maintaining a stable base. Manufactured from 80x80x3mm steel box section in our Bulldog Gear workshop in Staffordshire, you can be sure that the bench is built to the highest standard. 

Whether you are sourcing equipment for a gym in a residential or home gym setting or a larger commercial facility, all of our Bulldog Gear products are built to last.

Specifications at a glance:

Manufactured out of 80 x 80 x 3mm steel box section 

Signature Bulldog Gear matte black powder coat

Adjustable J-Peg Positioning

Height: 100cm

Width: 126cm

Length: 165cm

Pad length:

Pad width: