Bulldog Gear - BSSF Studio Freestanding Gym Rig

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The Bulldog Gear - Studio Floor Rig offers maximum versatility with a limitless list of add-ons.

Made from 75 x 50 box section and manufactured in Staffordshire, UK, the Bulldog Series Floor Rig is a fully modular training platform that is simple, effective and efficient.

The rig encompasses inbuilt racks and adjustable pull up bar heights of 2.4m (8ft) 2.25m (7 1/2 ft) or 2.1m (7ft). These can be staggered at different heights across your rig.

Optional wall ball targets, dip attachments & spotter arms are available. 

Choose a size that suits you, with the knowledge you can always add-on and upgrade as you go.

Fully CE rated and tested with a 3:1 Strength ratio.

Precision Engineered in Britain.

  • 104cxm depth with customisable length: Keep building as long as you've got the space.
  • 2.4m high
  • Made with 75 x 50 3mm thick British Standard steel
  • 16mm Bolts and Fasteners with nylock nuts
  • 50mm hole spacing throughout allowing optimal body position for lifts
  • J-Pegs with UHMW plastic included.
  • Unit must be bolted to the floor 

Please note:

PLEASE CHECK YOU HAVE SELECTED THE CORRECT VARIANT SIZE, for reference please check the dimensions diagram, or for further information email customer.service@bulldoggear.com.

All optional extras are sold separately.

We advise that you seek the advice of an independent builder for the best fixing method.