Bulldog Gear - Calisthenics Rig 2.25m With Pull Up Bar & Human Flag Handles - Galvanised

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The Bulldog Gear Calisthenics Rig – the only piece of kit you need for calisthenics. Complete with two human flag handles and pull up bar, the Calisthenics Rig is perfect for pull ups, muscle ups, human flags and levers.

Optional extras include J Pegs that transform the rig into a squat rack and a Dip Attachment for further bodyweight training.

Portable and easy to construct, the Rig will fit in your garden, garage or the back of your car – you’ll never need to go to the gym again.

We recommend bolting your Calisthenics Rig using the Bulldog Gear Squat Rack Anchor Set. 

Product Specifications:

Base Width: 1.25m x 2.2m

Total Height: 2.25m



Pull Up Bar

Human Flag Handles 

Optional Extras:

Dip Attachment

J Pegs

Anchor Set


Please Note:

All optional extras are sold separately.

Galvanised option has a 4-6 weeks manufacturing lead time.



Registered Design: 6100197