Clearance - Bulldog Gear - JR2 Premium Bearing Speed Rope Black/Blue/Purple/Orange/Red/Green

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 This is a Cosmetic Seconds JR2.  The product will have been produced alongside our standard JR2 production, but has not passed our quality control checks. The product may have aesthetic imperfections or discolouring caused during the manufacturing process, however, the JR2 is in full working order mechanically. 

Please Note: All Cosmetic Second sales are final - No returns, refunds or warranty.

The Bulldog Gear JR2 – The first British Made jump rope.

The combination of two cartridge ball bearings and one omnidirectional bearing in each handle gives seamless rotation - making your double unders feel smoother than ever.

Designed with endurance in mind, the handles of our JR2 has been knurled like our signature barbell. Even when the workout gets sweaty, your grip will not be sacrificed.

The shaft locking collar system means that one size fits all - the 3m long steel wire rope can be easily adjusted to fit any height.

There’s something for everyone – the JR2 comes in six different colourways – Black / Blue / Green / Purple / Red / Orange.

Sizing your Rope:

  • Attach grub screws to collars using provided hardware.
  • Add one collar to the end of the rope.
  • Slide both handles onto the rope.
  • Add the second collar to the opposite end of the rope.
  • Stand on the centre of the rope.
  • Pull the handles upward until they reach your armpits; make sure the rope is taut.
  • Tighten the collars with the provided Allen Key.
  • Trim off the excess cable (optional.)


    Craig Richey - Bulldog Gear JR2 Jump Speed Rope:


    Bulldog Gear will not accept returns/issue replacements/ refunds on ropes with damage caused by accident, improper care, carelessness of user, normal wear and tear (such as damage to cables, bearings and handle grips), tampering, improper use, the natural fading or discolouration of the handles or cable over time, ropes that are lost or stolen, or if it is clear your rope has been used on concrete, asphalt, dirt, gravel or any other abrasive surface.