Clearance - Small Parallettes (COSMETIC 2NDS)

£49.00 GBP

 This item is a pair of Small Parallettes.

These Parallettes have been produced alongside our standard  production, but have not passed our quality control checks and is not up to our Bulldog Gear standard. The product may have aesthetic imperfections such as bumps, scrapes, dust or discolouring caused during the manufacturing process - any damage will not impact the functionality of the item.

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Please Note: All Cosmetic Second sales are final - No returns, refunds or warranty.

Bulldog Gear Parallettes provide excellent clearance for handstand press ups, leg raises and other gymnastic moves.

 Additional Information:

Finish: Bulldog Gear signature Matt Black powdercoat

Dimensions: 45 x 30 x 30cm (L x H x W)

Handle: 38mm diameter - providing better grip and reduces stress on wrist joints

Base: 50 x 50mm base with non-slip rubber feet, providing a stable platform

Suitability: Suitable for home and commercial use

Max Weight: Max weight of user is 125kg.