CLEARANCE - 18mm Morphic Rubber Gym Flooring Tile 1m x 1m

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This is a Cosmetic Seconds item. These tiles have been produced alongside our standard 18mm flooring, but have not passed our quality control checks aesthetically. Despite visual imperfections these mats are still in full working order.

These tiles have residue from the manufacturing process, dust and marks from poor storage conditions from our supplier (as shown in the images). Although these tiles have aesthetic imperfections and will be cleaned as best as we can prior to dispatch, they may still have areas of residue - We have found that this flooring is as new once throughly cleaned, but we do not have the capacity to do so in our own warehouse facility. 

Please Note: All Cosmetic Second sales are final - No returns, refunds or warranty.

Our Bulldog Gear - 1m x 1m x 18mm Morphic Gym Tile is made of 100% solid shock absorbent rubber and is ideal for functional training facilities and home gyms. This tile forms part of fully interlocking system giving you a safe, stable footing which won't move or slip during workouts.

Interlocking Gym Matting Features

- Morphic pattern for added grip.

- Flexible, tear resistant and hard wearing high density natural rubber.

- Easy clean finish for quick and easy wipe away of dirt, chalk and sweat.

- 1m x 1m Tile size offers easier manoeuvrability when fitting.

- Integrated connector system underneath each tile prevents unwanted movement.

- Ramped edges and corners are available to finish off your space and minimise the risk of tripping.


Connecting System:

Underneath each mat is a series of hole locators built into the tile. Theres one in every corner plus the centre too - these interlock with a plastic connector (3 come with every tile) which keeps the tiles from slipping.


Edging - available here (not on clearance)

To finish off your space there are a selection of ramped edges and corners which can be purchased in addition to the matts themselves. Ramped Edges minimise tripping hazards within your space and makes moving your equipment around your space far smoother.

Individual Tile Weight:



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