Clearance - BLUE 0.75kg PAIRS - Coloured Precision Micro Change Plates (MIS COLOUR)

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This item is a PAIR of BLUE 0.75kg micro change plates - Blue plates of our micro red are usually 0.5kg, due to a manufacturing error we now how these 0.75kg Blue micro plates in clearance - SOLD IN PAIRS.

These plates have been produced alongside our standard micro plate production, but has not passed our quality control checks and is not up to our Bulldog Gear standard. Although in full useable conditional functionally the colour is incorrect compared to specified range.

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Fractional Plates are a great way to incrementally load weight safely and responsibly. Smaller weight increments allow you to push past those mental barriers and training plateaus that come without and intermediate weight step. Smaller weight increments allow you to gradually increase your strength and build up without the pressure of big jumps in weight.

 1 x Pair of 0.75kg in BLUE

Product specification:

Diameter: 108mm 



0.75kg - 15mm - BLUE

Compatible with all Olympic 2" Barbells and Dumbbells