Bulldog Gear - CPU Circular Rubber Dumbbell Gym Storage Rack

£1,800.00 GBP

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Top Quality CPU Dumbbell Storage

Dumbbell Racks are an essential part of any quality gym outfit, not just to store your equipment properly and prevent damage to your dumbbells, but also create a safe and aesthetically pleasing training environment for you and your clients.

All of our storage solutions are designed and engineered to meet the most demanding commercial applications. It's our mission to supply you with elite standard fitness equipment, this particular storage solution is installed at a number of first-class facilities including the new Morsia Gyms. 

British designed and manufactured

Our Dumbbell storage system is designed and manufactured to order here at the Bulldog Gear Factory in Staffordshire, from top quality 8mm Laser cut Steel.

Available in 3 different sizes, the 3 Tier Dumbbell Rack can store a full set of dumbbells from 2.5KG up to 30, 40 or 50KG - all within a space-efficient footprint.

Product Specifications at a glance:

  • 2.5-30KG:
    • W:240cm H:90cm D: 79.5cm
  • 2.5-40KG:
    • W:240cm H:90cm D: 79.5cm
  • 2.5-50KG:
    • W:358cm H:90cm D: 79.5cm

As seen In Matt Morsia's epic Home Gym set up

If you're not already a subscriber of Matt's YouTube Channel and you're looking for Gym inspiration (be that home gym or a commercial space) he's your guy. With the the crème de la crème of home gyms and ultra sleek Commercial spaces to his name, his gym videos will definitely help you get your wish list started. 

If you want to see what our CPU Circular Rubber Dumbbell Gym Storage Rack looks like in a real gym environment you'll spot it at time stamp 2.30 in the video below.