Bulldog Gear - DC Lifting Blocks

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The DC Blocks® design provides an interlocking, lightweight and virtually indestructible weightlifting block for training and medical facilities.

DC Blocks® are excellent for pulling from a deficit position, the knees, or power position in both the snatch and clean. Due to the impact resistance, you can drop iron and stones upon them without the risk of breakage to the DC Blocks®.


  • Each DC Blocks® weighs 5.0 kg
  • Measures  39.4 CM x 48.25 CM x 5.1 CM
  • The crenellated top ridge has 8 sections and each is 16mm tall.
  • Static load capacity is 9071kg.
  • Dynamic load capacity is 1133kg.
  • Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastics with extreme impact durability and is UV resistant.
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