Glute Hamstring Development Pad

£195.00 GBP

Our mobile Glute-Hamstring developer pad is an economical and portable Glute hame option which be used on the floor or attached to one of our plyometric boxes to provide greater range of motion using the 2 x 50mm cam buckle straps. 

It is manufactured with a high quality EVA Memory Foam rather than a PU foam that degrades over time and upholstered with antibacterial vinyl. 

Plyobox not included 


  • Great for posterior chain work including hamstrings, glutes, lower back, and abdominals.

  • Perfect for athletes looking to improve top speed, vertical and lateral jump ability, and most importantly overall power.

  • Cost efficient way of adding glute-ham exercises into your workout routine and can be easily stored away to maximize space.

  • Great for partner work, let a workout partner or trainer hold your ankles to provide a counterweight when performing raises.

  • Non-slip fabric on the bottom of the pad prevents unnecessary shifting while performing exercises.