Bulldog Gear - HIIT Box

£1,200.00 GBP

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The Bulldog Gear - HIIT Box provides a full-body workout that saves you time and helps you train smarter. Designed for private and group HIIT training, we have successfully manufactured a total workout - studio solution.

Clients are able to manoeuvre the HIIT Box around the studio, performing bench press, plyometrics, prowler exercises whilst utilising the integrated storage to keep all necessary kit close to hand.

To undertake additional exercises you are able to quickly and seamless transition from one exercise to another, including but not limited to kettlebell, battle rope and medicine ball training. 

Features Include:

  • 5 adjustment levels on the incline bench
  • 4 wheels with locking system for easy manoeuvrability around the studio. The HIIT Box can be used for sled pushes and pulls. 
  • Inbuilt storage for hex dumbbells up to 15kg in weight.
  • Inbuilt storage for skipping ropes, bands, kettlebells and slam balls. 
  • Battle Rope Anchor and resistance band attachment points. 
  • Product Dimensions - L:135cm // W:43cm // H:55cm