HSTL. - Weight Lifting Belt

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This is an end of line product. This is the last chance to get HSTL Weight Lifting Belts as it being discontinued. 

Please Note: All End of Line sales are final - No returns, refunds or warranty.

Bulldog Gear x HSTL. Made

Bulldog Gear and HSTL. Made have teamed up to produce the first HSTL. Weight Lifting Belt - designed to provide you with that additional back and abdomen support when lifting heavy.

Made from Nylon, the belt has a clean look and is hard-wearing - at a price that's affordable.

The 10cm adjustable strap has a loop and hook fastening system, which allows quick and easy adjustments when switching between light and heavyweight movements.

Belt Dimensions & Sizing

Extra Extra Small - 75cm(L) - 24" - 27" inch Waist

Extra Small - 85cm(L) - 27" - 30" inch Waist

Small - 95cm(L) - 31" - 34" inch Waist

Medium - 107cm(L) - 35"-38" inch Waist     

Large - 120cm(L) - 38"-41" Waist 

(All belts have the same strap and midsection widths: Strap 10cm / Mid Section 13cm)

Please Note: We are only able to ship within the UK at this time.

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