Bulldog Gear - JR1 2.0 Bearing Jump Rope

£21.00 GBP

The JR1 – 2.0 – The new and improved model of our ever-popular entry level jump rope.

The latest design encompasses a longer 15.7cm tapered handle that increases the athlete’s span. The base of the handle has also increased to 2.2cm diameter for better fit and control. 

The handles are made from a Nylon resin, which is incredibly durable and hard wearing. Each one houses a six-bearing design making this a very light and nimble rope, ideal for double unders.

The rope comes in a 3m length meaning its fully adjustable for all heights with a single locking mechanism.

Laser engraved logo is our Bulldog Gear seal of approval.


Handle Length: 15.7cm 

Handle + Bearing Length: 17.7cm

Handles: 2.2cm x 5cm diameter tapered down to 1.25cm.

Rope Length: 3m long

Rope Diameter: 2.5mm

Please Note - We recommend that you use your rope on a rubber or non-abrasive surface