Bulldog Gear - MHR Half Rack With Pull Up Bar

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The Bulldog Gear MHR Mammoth Half Rack is designed for when compromise is not an option.

The Mammoth Half Rack delivers a fully modular training platform that enables complete versatility in strength & conditioning programming.

Made from 80mm x 80mm box section and manufactured in Staffordshire, the Mammoth Half Rack brings together the best of British engineering to deliver the strongest and most adaptable half rack available.

  • Each upright is 2.25 Metres high
  • Working Internal Rack space is 0.8 Metres
  • Rack Floor Print is 1.2 Metres x 0.96 Metres
  • 50mm hole spacings allowing for quick, easy and accurate placement of jpegs
  • J Pegs UHMW Plastic Lined inside and out, as are all upright attachments to preserve the aesthetic integrity of your Mammoth power rack for years to come
  • 24mm Bolt Fixings with 4.8 tonne shear strength

Choice of 3mm or 5mm thick steel uprights with optional laser cut numbering for each J-Peg.


  • 1 x Set of High Tensile Pin Safeties
  • 1 x Set of Floor Anchor Plates
  • 1 x Set of Bumper Plate Storage

Please note:

All optional extras are sold separately.

Unit must be secured to the floor.

Floor fixings included. We advise that you seek the advice of an independent builder for the best fixing method.


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If you want to see what our Bulldog Gear - MHR Half Rack With Pull Up Bar looks like in a real home gym environment you'll spot it from time stamp 4.27 in the video below.