Bulldog Gear - Mini Farmer's Walk Handles

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The Bulldog Gear – Mini Farmer's Walk, the perfect Strongman carry tool in compact form. 

A great addition to any gym collection of specialist kit - the Mini Farmer's Walk are perfect for pushing the lower and upper back, shoulders, quads and grip strength in a strongman workout.

They are the great all rounder that allows gyms to make the step up from heavy kettlebell carries without taking up a lot of extra storage space.

Just because the handles come in a smaller, condensed form doesn’t mean they don’t pack the same punch. With the Bulldog Gear - Hybrid Bumpers loaded, the Mini Farmer's Walk 420mm shaft can comfortably take up to 100kg with our 1.9” Dog Collars (Sold Separately).

Please Note: you will require a pairs of 1.9 inch Dog Collars to secure weight plates to the Mini Farmer's Walk Handles. These can be purchased from the drop down or separately on the website.