Bulldog Gear - Olympic Lifting Platform - 3 x 2m

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The Bulldog Gear Olympic platform is the perfect training platform for all formats of weightlifting training.

With an internal floor space of 3 Metres x 2 Metres, this platform offers a generous working area for all weightlifting movements to be conducted in. Should you want to incorporate Westside training methods into your programme Band Peg Attachments can be added to the platform. These can be used to add banded tension on to your bar which is a great way of increasing the load on your deadlift or sumo-deadlift. 

This is the perfect solution for Affiliates and Gym owners looking to prolong the integrity of their weightlifting equipment, whilst also reducing sound when dropped from height.

The Platform includes 6 x 40mm thick high density rubber tiles and the frame is made from 50 x 50 x 3mm Box Section with Gusseted corners.

If you are looking for further stability under foot, upgrading to a wooden inlay is available.

Please Note: The platform must be anchored to the floor for the band attachments to be used. 

Additional Attachments

  • Wooden Inlay
  • Band Pegs + Floor Anchor Set