Puori D3

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'Puori' is a combination of "pure" and "origin" and it underlines the ambition to inspire people to strive toward reaching their genetic potential.

Puori claims that its vitamin D3 supplement maintains strong bones, normal muscle function, and normal immune function. Vitamin D is essential for metabolism of calcium, the intestinal absorption and bone mineralization. It has a positive influence on immune cells and it significantly lowers the risk of contracting osteoporosis.

Puori’s vitamin D is carefully extracted from an essential natural source and blended with pure organic conout oil, which ensures optimal absorption. The vitamin D, which is based on lanolin, is extracted from wool from healthy sheep living in New Zealand and Australia.

Puori matches the highest industry standards. Puori D3 has been tested by a third party organization, the International Fitness Ingredient Testing Program (IFIT), that finds it free from GMO, solvent residues, heavy metals and other banned substances.

One capsule contains 2500 IU vitamin D3. The suggested serving is 1-2 capsules per day, which gives you 60-120 daily servings.