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Puori Synbiotics SB3

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Puori Synbiotics SB3

  • 13 billion live probiotic bacteria
  • Three types of prebiotic fibre
  • 200 mg of vitamin C
  • 1 stick per day
  • 30 daily servings

Your gut contains trillions of “good” bacteria, of many different types that act as a first line of defence to fight unwanted germs. Unfortunately, lack of sleep, processed food and stress can upset your natural balance. SB3 keeps your gut healthy whatever life throws at you.

Health and well-being begins within. SB3 is designed to provide you a unique formula for your gut health. Some of the world’s most well documented strains, BB-12® and PCC™ contribute to your gut’s team of good bacteria. However, all living things need food to thrive, and gut bacteria are no exception. With a full spectrum of prebiotic fibre, the good bacteria have everything they need to thrive and so do you.

Nobody likes getting ill. Good bacteria in your gut are your natural defence against germs. 200mg of vitamin C keeps your immune system healthy too, and protects your cells from oxidative stress – the perfect synergy. This combination provides your body precisely what it needs to strengthen your immune system.

Our unique blend of probiotics, prebiotics and vitamin C come freeze-dried in single serve packs - that way you can take SB3 with you, wherever life takes you. Because probiotic bacteria are activated by moisture, we’ve created innovative packaging that keeps 99.99% of moisture out, protecting your SB3 until you’re ready to drink it. With this kind of convenience, you can take SB3 anywhere.

Your day isnt complete without SB3. We recommend having one stick per day up to 30 minutes before or with a meal. Simply mix the contents of an SB3 stick with cold juice or water for a delicious cranberry-flavoured drink.

Every SB3 stick contains 13 billion live probiotic bacteria from some of the world’s most well documented strains: BB-12® and PCC™.

Our unique blend of indigestible prebiotic fibre passes through the start of your digestive system without being broken down. Prebiotic fibre provides a food source for the healthy bacteria so you get the most from your supplement.

Each SB3 serving contains 200mg of vitamin C, providing a daily dose of antioxidants that provides protection to cells from oxidative stress, as well as contributing to the normal function of the immune system.

No worries, no gluten.

GMP regulations provide guidance for manufacturing, testing and quality assurance.

No sucralose, aspartame or artificial colors. We like to keep it clean and simple.

Safe for those with allergies.

Uses only natural ingredients. Taking good care of you and nature.

We believe nature is sweet all on its own.