Bulldog Gear - Wall Mounted Rope Climb Bracket

£300.00 GBP

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Utilise unused high wall space in your gym

Not all gym spaces have the luxury of supporting beams suitable for safe rope climb attachment, or maybe your space is limited for other movements when your ropes are in use. Our Bulldog Gear rope climb bracket attaches directly to the wall of your space allowing you to make use of unused higher wall areas without encroaching on central gym area.

Benefits of rope climbs

Rope climbs may not be an every day part of your workout routine, but they are a great way to get a full body workout and build both upper body and functional grip strength. Rope climbs build strength at differing grip angles - moving away from more crush grip movements seen when you lift equipment like barbells and kettlebells. The rope sits at an angle in your hand and every movement during the climb will be fatiguing your grip to some degree, developing grip and coordination quickly. 

This product is designed for wall attachment and is not compatible as a rig add on.