Strongman Log - Compact

£165.00 GBP

The Bulldog Gear Strongman Log - Compact is great for cleans, presses and rows - the ideal starting point for strongman training.

Our log has a smaller diameter meaning its centre of gravity is closer to the body when cleaning the log or rolling it into the rack position. This makes it easier to maintain control of the bar at higher weights throughout a workout especially when fatigued. 

It features 2 neutral grip handles, 32.5mm in diameter that are knurled to aid your grip during training and reduce the stress on your shoulder joints. These grips are at 38.5cm centres. 

Manufactured from 205mm diameter - 3mm steel tube with our signature Bulldog black powder coat with chrome plated loadable sleeves of 25.5cm for increased abrasion resistance. 

Dog Collars 2.0 (Black)  are included  with our log.

Length: 130cm

Weight: 33KG

Please Note: This Item is shipped via Pallet to ensure safe delivery.