Body(weight) Building: The Guide - Andrew Tracey

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Brought to you by Men's Health Senior Fitness Editor - Andrew Tracey...

'Body(weight) Building: The Guide' is a 60+ Day guide to muscular hypertrophy via low skill bodyweight mastery

"Bodyweight movements are often regarded as either ‘beginner’ and not worthy of your time, or in stark contrast ‘advanced’ and in need of years of purposeful practice to achieve mastery. Whilst in some cases, the latter can prove to very true, it’s extraordinarily rare for the former statement to have any credibility, as with most things in life, these things fall on a spectrum and are largely accountable to context."
In this 60+ day bodyweight programme, you will be working 4-6 days per week, however, the sessions will be short, sharp, on the nose, and productive. Seldom lasting more than 40-50 minutes and in some cases, shorter.
You'll also only require access to a set of gym rings and occasionally a small step of around 2 feet, meaning you can execute the workouts practically anywhere, mitigating much of the travel time and general logistics typically involved with training in a gym environment.


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