You Are Not Your Gym Membership - Andrew Tracey

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Brought to you by Mens Health Senior Fitness Editor - Andrew Tracey... 

A few years ago I pushed away from the shore, unknowingly, into an experiment that has come to enrich, inform and in some ways define some areas of my life.

At the outset, it was just about regaining some modicum of physicality, against the odds life had stacked up against me, but as I rowed (I wish that was only a metaphor) further out into the open seas of experimentation, I began to formulate a hypothesis-

You can take your training, and therefore your capabilities, a very, very long way, with little to no equipment, even less time and in some less than ideal conditions.

A blueprint to build your own foundation of fitness ‘ownership’.

A concise guide, with the necessary workouts, to mastering your environment and moulding it into one that’s far more conducive to your own physical evolution.

This, I hope, with the support of Bulldog, is exactly what this programme became.

A streamlined path to follow, working within the confines of spending no more than what the average British gym goer spends each month, but with the methods to make the absolute most of that expenditure and receive a huge return on your investment.

Download the 3 month programme where each month we add in an additional piece of kit to increase the complexity and intensity... all for less than the average cost of your gym membership.

Please Note: We've put the 'You Are Not Your Gym Membership' kit list together for you to get the most out of the programme - See the collection here.

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