With gyms and group training across parts of the UK still struggling, many of us are still trying to get our fitness fix however we can.

We’ve spoken at length on training with limited equipment in our ‘Minimum Kit, Maximum Progress’ article, featuring our top three techniques and workouts (which you can find on the Bulldog Gear blog).

But if you’re looking to get on the inside track and get moving right away, Andrew Tracey has a series of low tech, high yield challenges, guaranteed to safe guard your gains against governments shutdowns and mandates.

Give them a go and tag us in your efforts! 

Regular ‘ladder’ methods see you working up or down a rep scheme, the ‘Juarez Valley Method’ eschews this method by alternating between both an ascending and descending rep count; from 20-10 and 1-11, running consecutively, with a short walk or shuttle in between as an ‘active rest’.

For a simple workout with a serious sting that can be performed absolutely anywhere (legend has it, the protocol originated in a prison cell...) throw on a vest and give this a go:-

This bodyweight and running challenge pits your fitness and grit against the clock.

Take note of your finishing time and aim to push it further and faster on subsequent attempts!

This jump rope and bodyweight piece combines isometric holds and metabolic bursts to drive up fatigue, build stability and conditioning whilst testing your grit.

There’s probably an argument for performing a sandbag variation of all the named Crossfit WODs, but this is one with some extra added spice is one of my all time favourites.

Pack your bag and give this one a go-