Bulldog Gear - Hex Dumbbells 1.0 Friction Welded Handles

£55.00 GBP

Bulldog Gear Hex Dumbbells have chrome plated knurled handles for great grip and shock absorbent virgin rubber coated dumbbell heads to protect your floor.

Many Hex Dumbbells looks the same, but we friction weld the handles to the weight in each side of the dumbbell. This means your dumbbell ends will never drop off as can happen with press-fit dumbbells after prolonged and repeated abuse in a commercial functional training environment. For more information of our Friction welding process click here

Available from 2.5kg up to 50kg in 2.5kg increments. Dumbbells are sold in pairs.

Dumbbells are great for unilateral training; ensuring both limbs do the same amount of work. If you have a strength imbalance, dumbbell exercises can help minimise this. Whereas one limb may do a bit more work with a barbell exercise (standing strict press or bench press for example) both limbs are forced to perform the same amount of work with the dumbbell equivalent.

In addition dumbbell exercises can be more joint-friendly than their barbell equivalent. As an example, compare a flat bench dumbbell press to a flat bench barbell press. The dumbbell version tends to be more elbow and shoulder friendly because you can have more natural movement as your hands aren’t fixed in place; you can turn or rotate them as you press.

 The same thing applies to a dumbbell strict press compared to a barbell strict press, or a dumbbell row compared to a barbell row. If you've had previous shoulder or elbow issues using mostly dumbbells in your training can reduce aggravating a previous injury. Sometimes trainees who experience discomfort with a barbell exercise can perform the dumbbell version without any trouble. You can then continue strength training and simultaneously work on your shoulder mobility and muscle tissue quality. 

The added benefit of our Hex dumbbell is that you can perform man-makers or Renegade rows without the worry that your dumbbells are going to move or roll compared to a cylindrical dumbbell.