A few years ago I pushed away from the shore, unknowingly, into an experiment that has come to enrich, inform and in some ways define some areas of my life.

 At the outset, it was just about regaining some modicum of physicality, against the odds life had stacked up against me, but as I rowed (I wish that was only a metaphor) further out into the open seas of experimentation, I began to formulate a hypothesis-

 You can take your training, and therefore your capabilities, a very, very long way, with little to no equipment, even less time and in some less than ideal conditions.



This ongoing experiment will no doubt continue for the rest of my life, but I’m a fervent believer in a philosophy of ‘what you learn, teach’, which is the primary driver behind the documentation via social media of my misadventures in the game of sweat.

But, at a certain point it became obvious that I should commit something more concrete to paper and pixels, something that precluded any mistakes I’ve made along the way, something more actionable and something more applicable, to the world at large.

 A blueprint to build your own foundation of fitness ‘ownership’.

A concise guide, with the necessary workouts, to mastering your environment and moulding it into one that’s far more conducive to your own physical evolution.



This, I hope, with the support of Bulldog, is exactly what this programme became.

 A streamlined path to follow, working within the confines of spending no more than what the average British gym goer spends each month, but with the methods to make the absolute most of that expenditure and receive a huge return on your investment.

Watching others follow the process, sweating it out in their gardens, sheds, garages and on their driveways has been a truly humbling experience, but a far greater reward has been receiving daily feedback from enthusiastic partakers, kicking down the barriers to entry that had previously barred them from engaging in a worthwhile exercise regime, burning their previously long held excuses on the fire of progress and lighting a beacon of motivation for all watching.

 I have been inspired, beyond belief by every single one of you that’s hit that @ symbol, to share your efforts, or used the hashtag to join the community off dissenters, taking ownership of their fitness. 

 Those of you that have turned football pitches into your own personal loaded carry playground, carparks into sandbag training grounds and started to wear a proud groove into your own lawn with countless burpees, you’ve made this programme what it is, and you’ve caused me to double down on my belief that so much can be done, with very little.




Knowledge minus action doesn’t amount to much, and seeing so many of you intently engage in the action has confirmed my belief that so, so many people have the will and drive to completely transform their way of thinking, they just perhaps need to be pointed in the right direction, or a beacon a bit further up the hill to rally towards.

This is a concept that absolutely requires further exploration and have faith, the wheels are already spinning towards that end, but for now, I would like these words to act as a ‘thank you note’.

So, to all of the Dad’s who have scored back extra time with their children, by avoiding the one hour round trip to the gym.

To the office workers who have taken control of their lunch hour and used it to push the needle ever forward on their fitness journey.

To every single person who spent those three months putting battle scars on their kettlebells, tallying up the burpees and proving that sand isn’t just for the beach- Thank you.