Bulldog Gear - JR1 Black Intermediate Bearing Speed Rope

£21.00 GBP

The JR1 – 2.0 – The new and improved model of our ever-popular entry level jump rope.

The latest design encompasses a longer 15.7cm tapered handle that increases the athlete’s span. The base of the handle has also increased to 2.2cm diameter for better fit and control. 

The handles are made from a Nylon resin, which is incredibly durable and hard wearing. Each one houses a six-bearing design making this a very light and nimble rope, ideal for double unders.

The rope comes in a 3m length meaning its fully adjustable for all heights with a single locking mechanism.

Laser engraved logo is our Bulldog Gear seal of approval.


Handle Length: 15.7cm 

Handle + Bearing Length: 17.7cm

Handles: 2.2cm x 5cm diameter tapered down to 1.25cm.

Rope Length: 3m long

Rope Diameter: 2.5mm

Please Note - We recommend that you use your rope on a rubber or non-abrasive surface

Bulldog Gear will not accept returns/issue replacements/ refunds on ropes with damage caused by accident, improper care, carelessness of user, normal wear and tear (such as damage to cables, bearings and handle grips), tampering, improper use, the natural fading or discolouration of the handles or cable over time, ropes that are lost or stolen, or if it is clear your rope has been used on concrete, asphalt, dirt, gravel or any other abrasive surface.

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