Balls Deep - Andrew Tracey

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Brought to you by Men's Health Senior Fitness Editor - Andrew Tracey...


Specially adapted for use with atlas balls, sandbags, or anything else you're brave enough to throw around.

Each of the workouts contains one or more of THREE suggested weights - light, medium, and heavy. The following guidelines for these weights will work for many, but not all.


Around 15-25% of your body weight. A weight you can comfortably press or throw overhead for 10+ reps, quickly.


Around 40-60% of your body weight. A weight that you can't push press or throw overhead for much more than 5 unbroken reps, but can still get to your shoulder pretty rapidly.


Around 80%-100% of your body weight, if you can get it overhead, it's too light.

*If you're using just one ball - aim for medium.

** If using a sandbag, you can divide your sand into filler bags that will enable you to scale from light, to medium, to heavy in the same bag.

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