Carousel Dumbbell Club - Paul Warrior x Andrew Tracey

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Carousel Dumbbell Club by Paul Warrior & Andrew Tracey

30 Day Programme

'Carousel Dumbbell Club' started as a joke in the midst of the third wave of UK Covid Restrictions, in which we were, yet again, stripped back to minimal training and equipment - seemingly on a never-ending merry-go-round at a circus none of us bought tickets for. As coaches, this has us scratching our heads about what we could do next.

In the beginning, to feel like we were going round in circles - writing yet another batch of dumbbell only workouts.. at that exact moment, we hit a 'spark', a point in which we could celebrate our top 30 go-to Dumbbell workouts, putting them in one place for you to try.

'Carousel Dumbbell Club' is a celebration of all those who have picked up a dumbbell and persisted to chase their health and fitness during times of lockdown.

Pick up a couple of dumbbells and let's go!

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