Gas Tank - Paul Warrior

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GAS TANK - By Paul Warrior

Gas Tank is a four-week training program in improving your overall fitness levels through specific energy system work.
It's designed for anyone at any fitness level who wants to improve their ability, their capacity, and ultimately, their overall health while working out at home.
Each training session targets a specific energy system. In other words, we are targeting the body's ability to use different energy stores to create power and strength.
The downloadable program is made up of workouts and strategies that have been used over the past decade with some of the post prevalent athletes in fitness, producing national champions, fierce serviceman and women, and those who just want to be able to handle what's thrown at them.
Once checked out, you will be sent an email with the downloadable program
Gas Tank can be used as a stand-alone workout plan - with 3 sessions per week. We advise that to get the best effort from each session you should not complete more than two in a row.
Alternatively, this is a great supplemental program to complete alongside a strength, gymnastic, or movement program.
Equipment Needed:
1 x Ski Erg (Running is an optional replacement)
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