Fortitude - Paul Warrior

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As a coach, programmer and creative my philosophy is that through training, effort and experience we can all make lasting and meaningful changes to our fitness, our mindsets and our lives - Paul Warrior

In light of the current need to rebel against the threats of ill health (both mentally and physically) we have put together this 6 week training plan.

The focus is to support muscle growth, improve movement/ mechanics and to develop the metabolic pathways in order to improve your capacity to endure and overcome.

Less can often be more and we have limited the kit list so that this can be executed at home with minimal space and costs.

1 x PlyoBox
1 x Pair of Dumbbells, 22.5/15kgs
1 x Atlas Ball, 45/65kg

Energy system development is the primary focus of each day, rotating through each of the pathways on maximum effort days.

These will be supported by structural and recovery based days that allow us to maintain training volume without overdoing it.

There will be 5 training days per week.

Please Note: We've put the Fortitude essentials kit list together for you to get the most out of the programme - See the collection here.

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