The Bulldog Gear Challenge - Weight Vest Workout Guide

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Need a bit of Weight Vest workout inspiration?

A Weight Vest can seem like a pretty intimidating bit of kit, but actually, it's a really good tool if you're looking at gradual progression. It can be hard to know where to start, sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration or something tangible to work towards to get you going.

Welcome to the Bulldog Gear Weight Vest challenge

This is exactly why we designed the challenge, a collection of workouts to follow along and work towards a final goal. To test your strength, stamina, and capacity for doggedness once fatigue sets in. Brought to you by the creative mind of Andrew Tracey, it's designed to progressively work towards a final challenge.

The workout was created to challenge even the toughest of athletes; however, it is fully scalable, and offers the chance for athletes who may not usually wear weight vests to give it a go, even if that means scaling some of the movements!

Pushing your ability to run, pull, press and lunge all with a burden greater than your own body weighing you down; testing not just your physical strength, but your mental determination.

Moreover, it was designed to give you a clear goal to work towards, a tangible focus for your training, giving you the opportunity to hone all of the qualities required, before putting yourself to the ultimate test.

How the challenge works

The final workout relies on four separate movements; running, lunging, push-ups, and pull-ups, all while using a weighted vest.

The Bulldog Gear 20kg Weight Vest ranges from 2kg-20kg increasing in 1kg increments, allowing you to continue progressing throughout your training and perform at a weight that suits YOU.

Break up or scale any of the reps, distances, movements, or weight according to your own capacities, the aim is to get uncomfortable, to find your limits, but still to complete the workout.

Ring rows, banded pull-ups, hands elevated push-ups, and reverse lunges are all excellent and respectable options - just make sure the vest is on!

Choose movements and a vest weight that will push you out of your comfort zone - that’s the number 1 goal.

The vest comes with removable 1kg blocks, making it easier to progress towards your goal weight for the challenge.

 The workouts in the weight vest guide will provide a progressive framework to help you build towards the full challenge, adapting and increasing your capacity as you go.

Start training! See how you can push your limits further over the next 8 weeks with the incremental weight vest.

Make sure to share your progress along the way, tag Bulldog Gear, and use the hashtag #bulldoggearchallenge 

See how Andrew Tracey got on with the challenge on our Bulldog Gear Challenge Vlog.

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