Bulldog Gear - P60 Multi Grip Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

£134.95 GBP

The Bulldog Gear Wall Mounted, Multi Grip Pull Up Bar is the ideal pull up system for smaller spaces, low ceiling spaces or for when a full squat rack set up isn’t a necessity or possibility - making it the perfect addition to any home or garden gym.

Why choose a Muti Grip Pull Up Bar?

With more than 10 possible grip options the Multi Grip Pull-Up Bar is the ultimate piece of bodyweight based equipment for mixing up your upper body work. The multitude of grips allow you target your lats, upper and mid back as well as adding emphasis to your biceps and forearms where necessary, whilst allowing you to find suitable, joint friendly positions for your own anatomy, helping to avoid overuse injuries. Additional attachments such as gymnastics rings, punch bags and cable pulley systems can quickly be added for an enhanced training experience.

Suitable for outdoor use - Dual Coated

All of our new Home Gym Series Wall mounted pull up bars are first Zinc Plated before our signature matte black powder coat is applied to give optimum protection and durability, providing longevity against the elements.

With 60cm of clearance from the wall, it is suitable for garage gym or setups where space is a premium.



50 x 25 x 3mm RHS

Width of Pull Up Bar: 109 cm

Total Width: 124cm

Depth of Frame: 63 cm (away from the wall)

Length of Wall Plate: 60cm

Back Bracket Height 46cm

Pull Up Bar Diameter: 33.7mm 

Can be mounted indoor or outdoor

Durable dual coat matt black finish

More than ten possible grip positions 

Please note: 

Although wall fixings are included, we advise that you seek the advice of an independent builder if you are unsure of installation.