Bulldog Gear - Zero 1 Adjustable Cable Pulley Machine 50kg Stack

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 The Zero 1 has been designed to be the most compact and streamlined single cable pulley machine on the market; protruding from the wall by only 16.5cm. It is an ideal addition to a home gym or smaller PT studio where space is at a premium and design aesthetics are a consideration. 

The freestyle arm can be used for single or dual pushing and pulling movements with 26 options available to adjust the height with a smooth, seamless anodised aluminium pop pin selector.

It is great for pre and rehabilitation accessory work as well as compound unilateral exercises to aid athletes and clients who are addressing muscle imbalances.

The ratio for the Zero 1 using two handles togethers is 2:1 Using only 1 handle on its own then, the ratio becomes 4:1.

Product Specifications:

1 x 110LBS / 50KG Weight Stack 

Fixed to the wall, fixings not included.

Width: 63cm

Height: 198cm

Depth: 42cm

Please note:  This machine does require fixing to the wall so we always advise seeking advice from an expert or builder to help you safely choose the right space.

Warranty information

This item comes with a 12 month warranty from purchase and covers damage sustained under normal operations and regular maintenance, not factitious factors. Warranty valid to original purchaser only and cannot be transferred. The warranty covers all parts but excludes potential labour costs of repair. 

The following conditions are not covered under warranty:

- As a result of abuse, neglect, accident or unauthorised modification.

- As a result of incorrect adjustment of cable.

- Other misuse in operation or incompatible accessories and resulting damage.

If you have any queries or questions regarding the use or repair of this machine please contact customer service directly on customer.service@bulldoggear.com

Registered Design: 6100195