If you follow us on any of our social platforms you’ve probably spotted Georgie as a regular feature! She’s a long time movement coach and collaborator here at Bulldog Gear. With over a decade of coaching experience spanning from one to one personal training, Crossfit level 2, and The School of Calisthenics to yoga, movement, and mobility.

With a background in dance and a passion for board sports, be that dry land, snow or sea, movement and mobility are the pillar stones of what Georgie works to achieve for her clients.

“From how I look at it, good movement and mobility are so important to everyday life, not just in a ‘training’ environment. They are the core foundations that we base everything on, yet they are so often overlooked as something to sit within a healthy lifestyle or training regime. Sure, some of my clients have long term advanced Calisthenics goals but many just want to move better, feel strong and make sure their body is ready to take on what life throws at them.”


Georgie offers a whole host of online coaching support and face to face workshops. Check out her website for up to date class schedules, upcoming workshops, and online programming to allow you to work towards your movement and mobility goals.