19/10/2021 | Andrew Tracey
Andrew Tracey is a long time collaborator with Bulldog Gear. A coach, writer and current fitness editor of Men’s Health Magazine, he has been in and around the fitness industry for the past 16 years. Having enjoyed and endured a number of disciplines from endurance racing, to strongman, to Crossfit AT enjoys getting neck deep in the practice just as much as the theory. 

The 'worm' is a fantastic piece of kit that has cropped up in the Crossfit Games on multiple occasions and has since become a regular feature in everyday competitive functional fitness competitions.

However, if you're in a home or small gym environment, or even a Crossfit box already struggling for space, they can present storage and usage problems; a huge, cumbersome piece of kit by design, but one that serves little purpose beyond training for team competitions, or in a small groups.

This effectively means when not in use they're taking up a huge amount of space, with not a lot of practicality.

Another drawback is that different sized implements are necessary for a variety of group/ team sizes. Ranging from two-man versions, right through to four or even five man worms. This means to get the most of out of your training, you may well need multiple worms, taking up even more space.

If you've been looking for a workaround to these issues, then a combination of our 'rubber mulch' sandbag hack and the Bulldog Gear handled sandbag could be your solution, creating a modular, easy to store alternative that will enable you to easily replicate the stimulus of the worm, no matter your group size.

Watch the video below for a full walkthrough on how to create your own 'modular worm'.

Andrew Tracey